Pereskia sacharosa/saecnarosa (Jarum Tujuh Bilah)  

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This plant is from a cactus family which probably one of cactus species with leaf. It was a primitive genus in cactus family. Pereskia is originated from Korea but can be easily found in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. This plant can live almost any type of condition except cold area. This plant is better kept under the sun and fast grow in Tropical tempereture. There is 15-20 species of Pereskia which can be located in South Africa,Middle of America and West India.

Pereskia is use to cure cancer especially Colon cancer, Nose cancer and several others deceases. There is three way to prepare the herbs, first you can take 2 slices of Pereskia Leafs and mix it with warm water,let it for 2 minutes and drink it as a tea. Secondly you can eat it raw or the third way is make a jus from it by blended several leafs of Pereskia. The taste might be bitter, but its capable to cure cancer, high blood and diabetes.


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