Jasminum Sambac (Bungan Melur)  

Posted by jurnalmalaysia

There are several varieties of Jasminum Sambac but 3 of them is commonly found in Malaysia which is Duke of Tuscany, Maid of Orlean and Star Jasmin. This plant need to be under the sun to grow fast and for blooming. The suitable soil for this plant is composed and good water ventilation. It can easily growth from branches of the plant, by cutting the older branches and place it in the full pale of warm water. Leave it for several days and then plant it in the soil. Maintain it with enough water. New branch will start growing next 6 weeks and the flower will bloom and gives you soothing aroma. The plant is capable to bloom for whole year.

The plants commonly use in Indian Society medicine especially 'ayurveda techniques'. For Malays Society the plant is use to multiple the produce of breast milk. They use it by blend the plant and patch it around the breast and leave it for few minutes then clean it before breast milk their baby. It also can be use to cure a bee sting by patch the blended Jasminum to the sting area. For headache, blend Jasminum and mix it with warm water before drink it or rinse it on the head. If problem breathing, take 20 Jasminum leafs and boil it then mix it with a pinch of salt. Filter the water and drink it.


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