Andrographis Paniculata (Hempedu Bumi)  

Posted by jurnalmalaysia

This species can be found in India and Thailand. The plant is known as a one season vertical plant. Its can reach high 60-70cm. The plants has a dark green leafs, smooth surface and has a shape of oval.

The leafs is use to control the blood pressure and control the diabetes problem. The medicine from this plant can be prepare by boil the leafs and drink the water. The bit taste from the leafs is good to break the fat molecule.

This plant is good to cure the insect bite by blend the leafs and smear it on the bite area. But the plant is best known to cure the diabetes and fever. To prepare medicine is by put the leafs in the hot water and drink it after it get warm. It is advisable to drink eat once a day.


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