Gardenia Augusta (Bunga CIna)  

Posted by jurnalmalaysia

Gardenia Augusta is from a Rubiaceae family. It plant mostly as a house plant because of the shallow leafs and has many branches. The flower is white and look like a roses gives a great fumes. The color of the flower will turn into yellow after its on a full blooms. This plant is able to live on a cold and warm condition , thats why it was easy to maintain. This plant can grow until 1-2 meters high. This plant has a great potential to growth because of the great fumes.

This plant is able to cure diabetes mellitus and fever. For diabetes, take 12 leafs and boil it with two glass of water and drink it once a day. For fever, blend 7 leafs with a cup of water and mix it with rock sugar. Drink it twice a day.


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