Zingiberacea (LENGKUAS)  

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Normally called as Lengkuas in bahasa malaysia is a ginger species. It sprout in bunch and sometime grew in profound sizes.

The leafs are in green colour, while the flower is white and the fruits turn greener when its ripe. The flower and fruits are clustered at the edge of the branches.

Lengkuas were flourish from a large rhyzomes and the flesh is normally in yellowish white colour.

This type of herb are use to cure digesting problem, diarrhea, fever and also dizziness during travel.

Image of the herbs:
Lengkuas tree: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_QssON7VsuIM/SbcMSCkC_cI/AAAAAAAABw0/nKM2ybazc_E/s400/lengkuas+putih.bmp

Lengkuas fruit: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_LaollJeBmzk/SptMHgYuDCI/AAAAAAAABB4/-PKBZCMIUoQ/s400/galangal-oil-minyak-lengkuas.jpg


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